Az Tank Trouble Game

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How to play:

In the Single Mode, you move with arrow keys and attack with M.
In 2 Player Mode, player 1 will move with ESDF and shoot with Q while player 2 use arrow keys to move and M to fire.
In 3 Player Mode, player 1 uses the mouse to move and left mouse to launch the bullets.

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Az Tank Trouble

Choose one of the favorite modes and start to fight against an enemy force in Az Tank Trouble unblocked game. In the new maze, you will not move alone. There is a tank will follow and attack you. To escape from this situation and destroy it, you should control your character wisely. With the weapons Az Tank Trouble 2 Players provides along with your skillful action, you can win sooner. Now, show up what you have and wipe out everything here. Good luck!

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