Multigun Arena 3D Game

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How to play:Use WASD or arrow keys to move, aim and shoot with mouse, use spacebar to jump. Use keys 1-3 or the mouse wheel scroll to change weapon, key C to crouch, key W/Shift to run or punch, click right mouse to zoom. Press key L to lock the mouse cursor, key ESC to chat, key P to open the menu. 

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Multigun Arena 3D

Multigun Arena 3D is an amazing shooting multiplayer game where you become an elite shooter trying to kill all enemies that attempt to put your life to an end. Pick a mode to want to play, deathmatch, or team battles, select a gun, make a room and then jump into the action. You have to shoot down all enemies as fast as possible before they have a chance to kill you. The goal here is to become the ultimate winner! Good luck!

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